Terrible Beauty, Style and Life Choices Made 2005-2014: Happy Birthday Cam!

This video chronicles the hilarious, epic, awful beauty, style and life choices my best friend Cam and I have made in our ten years of friendship. Albeit this is edited, in ten years we made more weird choices than can fit in a 5 minute video.Thanks for the extensive hair damage and bronzer skills, to many more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM! I LOVE YOU! 

BH Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow Review ft. the New “Wild” Palettes

Check out my review of BH Cosmetics’s baked eyeshadows including the new and super fabulous Wild palettes! I can not get enough of these three babes, they are so different and dynamic. Click on for links to all three and the legendary Galaxy Chic palette. 

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Easy Nude Looks For Fall- My Story Using the Steller App!

Click on to check out the story I made on the coolest visual storytelling app ever, Steller! I broke down some of my favorite nude makeup looks, let me know which ones you’ve been loving.

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Long Term Relationship Products: Favs for Two Years or More!

[PV How To] Removing Glitter Nail Polish: The Hate Crime of The Beauty World


I’ve always maintained that my favorite color is “gun metal” I used to say this with a totally straight face. I love a dark grey metallic like nobody’s business. However, sometimes a hag has to let it go like Frozen, enter glitter nail polish. Confession: I loathe removing glitter polish. In truth this is like “confessing” that you hate people that kick puppies or heart shaped engagement rings-You’ll get plenty of company. We all loathe it, loathe it with the intensity of a thousand suns. I despise it more than I despised my first boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Hate it more than I hate Tom’s (still maintain they’re nothing but sad peasant shoes). Hate it more than when they let Marisa speak on The OC (girl, you are JUST for show). Not unlike what capri pants did to fashion in the 90’s, removing glitter nail polish is the hate crime of the beauty world. Until now. Read on to find out my trick that made my bitterness fold like a Nicki Minaj For Target bustier. 

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PV Does The Ice Bucket Challenge + My Top Three Waterproof Eye Products

In honor of my love Cam nominating me for the slightly miserable ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I made it happen on the streets of NYC + giving a shout out to my favorite waterproof eye products (because, beauty blog). IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (for reals guys) I urge you all to donate money to your favorite charities, especially those that offer groundbreaking medical research. I’ve included the ALS website and a charity that means a lot to me. xox



Current Vices: June & July Favorites + My Answer to the “Kylie Jenner” Lip!

Hey doll faces! My newest “Current Vices” video is now up where I break down my favorite products for June and July. Most of them are even drugstore, aka so easy to wrangle and get a hold of! Please “like”, subscribe and give it love if you’re down! Follow the jump for products mentioned! xo PV

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