[PV How To] Removing Glitter Nail Polish: The Hate Crime of The Beauty World


I’ve always maintained that my favorite color is “gun metal” I used to say this with a totally straight face. I love a dark grey metallic like nobody’s business. However, sometimes a hag has to let it go like Frozen, enter glitter nail polish. Confession: I loathe removing glitter polish. In truth this is like “confessing” that you hate people that kick puppies or heart shaped engagement rings-You’ll get plenty of company. We all loathe it, loathe it with the intensity of a thousand suns. I despise it more than I despised my first boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Hate it more than I hate Tom’s (still maintain they’re nothing but sad peasant shoes). Hate it more than when they let Marisa speak on The OC (girl, you are JUST for show). Not unlike what capri pants did to fashion in the 90’s, removing glitter nail polish is the hate crime of the beauty world. Until now. Read on to find out my trick that made my bitterness fold like a Nicki Minaj For Target bustier. 

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PV Does The Ice Bucket Challenge + My Top Three Waterproof Eye Products

In honor of my love Cam nominating me for the slightly miserable ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I made it happen on the streets of NYC + giving a shout out to my favorite waterproof eye products (because, beauty blog). IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (for reals guys) I urge you all to donate money to your favorite charities, especially those that offer groundbreaking medical research. I’ve included the ALS website and a charity that means a lot to me. xox



Current Vices: June & July Favorites + My Answer to the “Kylie Jenner” Lip!

Hey doll faces! My newest “Current Vices” video is now up where I break down my favorite products for June and July. Most of them are even drugstore, aka so easy to wrangle and get a hold of! Please “like”, subscribe and give it love if you’re down! Follow the jump for products mentioned! xo PV

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How To: The Legend of Barbie Legs of Gold


I’m going to be honest with you. Some of your favorite people are lying to you, people that you rely on time and time again to give you realness and the facts on life. One Miss Carrie Underwood is a huge freaking liar. Yes, you heard me Miss “I would be a Taylor Swift fan but I have self control and I’m 27”. Beyonce? A liar for SURE. Nicole Sherzinger, LIAR. (but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, she’s clearly a sex robot). That strumpet from the Vampire diaries, duh. Do not even get me STARTED on everybody even remotely affiliated with Victoria’s Secret (were talking catalogue and fashion show only, no in store employees who graduated from working at Express). All of these seemingly trustworthy ladies are living a lie: Their legs don’t really look like that. *Pause for impact*

Read on to find my tips and tricks to get those weirdly flawless, illuminated barbie legs that you see on talk shows, music videos and Kardashians of all sorts. Although some of it is genetics and a $50,000/year trainer, most of it is a big fat lie. Let’s all live a lie, am I right? 

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Hot Sale Candy For A Limited Time: 30% off Tarte, Too Faced, BH Cosmetics & More!

I know plenty of you bebes love taking your frustrations with life, sex, work out on the little tiny electronic shopping cart. Now is the perfect time to get your splurge on. Tarte, Julep, Too Faced and all your other favorites are making it happen. 

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Fixers & Dynasty Secrets Part 2: Tricks for wet nail polish, dry hair, contouring and more!

Check out the second video in my Fixers & Dynasty Secrets series. I break down my tips and tricks on handling dry nails, making your hair masks salon-quality and blending concealer in your contouring. Check it out and give it a thumbs up if you’re down! 


Dry Hair: The Bitch You Know, Keratin Wisdom & Why Vegans, Nope.


Dry hair is not to be trifled with. Dry hair is an epically serious bitch and not the fun kind, (hey Bitch Bible I see your entire brand and I raise you a vodka soda). Not the kind that is terrifying to everybody except you because you decided to be their best friend ten years ago (hello Cam/Blair Waldorf I see you), not even the kind that you respect after they rip you to shreds in a witty way (I think I’ve made most of my friendships this way, you’re all very kind people). Dry hair is a bitch with no redeemable wardrobe, vocabulary or weak liver to exploit. She (I’ll call her she, because let’s be a honest no straight man knows the logistics of a Keratin treatment) is the bitch who asked you aggressively what you got on your SAT’s, laughs a litttttle too long at your man’s jokes and tells you all about your business. The good news is, I’m pretty sure you’re all here because I fear no bitch. Heres how to fix the ugliest hair of your life. 

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frenchieplz asked:
Problem Number 2- mascara alone makes me feel like i’m trying too hard for the little improvement. Number 3- attempted the no eye makeup, bold lipstick thing… Total disaster. *Also, the thick single line eye liner look was working when I had bangs, but now it just looks too bold. What can I do for a clean everyday look? I work in a Biophysics lab where no one wears makeup. HELPS!

Hi There!

First of all you should not be so tough on yourself! Be kind, rewind! Everybody goes through moments where they look in the mirror and think “oh my god, what is that”. I do for sure and I know I’m not alone. Now let me give your questions a run for their money. 

1. Try nude liner on the waterline, I have massive eyes but I’ve suggested this to tons of people and they’re impressed with the results. Rimmel Khol liner in Nude or Stila’s Kitten works great. 

2. Mascara shouldn’t be too taxing, depending on your level of commitment to makeup. Try wiggling the brush deep at the roots (closest to your eyelid) to create a broader, thicker base (or the illusion of this). You’ll certainly get more bang for your buck that way. Are you doing your brows? Mascara + brows equals BAM even for lazy chicks.

3. Perhaps if I share my everyday look/super easy Sunday afternoon look it may help 

-BB cream (with some coverage, I’m not a super model)

-Shimmery (NOT GLITTERY) champagne shadow all over the lid

-A thin line of black liquid liner

-grey/nude liner on the waterline

-mascara for days. 

-Aquaphor/fresh lip treatment/ Nyx butter gloss

I absolutely adore eyeshadow so it doesn’t take much work for me to get creative with that but those are my bare basics. I’m not much of a lip product girl myself so I’ve never been good at the uber naked eye/bold lip look either. I hope this helps! Be nice to your sweet face, you’re clearly a smarty pants (hello Biophysics) and most likely a looker! Keep the questions coming xox